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Drawing is the core of my artistic practice. It is where everything originates and where I always return to. I have a very restless mind, and drawing has always been the way to handle an intense flow of ideas.


Scribbling, coloring, figuring...


My works gain body and singularity from the conditions surrounding their making, influenced by the tools, materials and whatever is at hand. Mental and spiritual states that orbit fugitively inside me also inform my process. 


I make drawings that are paintings and paintings that are drawings. Often I mix a series of techniques and materials that result in profuse and heterogeneous surfaces. My curiosity for the effects of overlapping layers and possible textures with different media and tonnes supports my experimentation with painting.


I flirt with the image of the ectoplasm: an ethereal substance that gains contours as it materializes. The shapes on the surfaces may suggest planets, mitochondria, stones, eggs, diagrams, explosions, and debris, yet they do not have the purpose of defining things. It is instead a matter of exploring the unclassifiable, which neither has form nor name.


In an associative, often random way, I migrate from one idea to another, one image to another, always anchored by matter. Flow, form, and content constantly shuffle and contaminate each other, altering dimensions and expanding ways of seeing.


My mind is often occupied with made-up words, sounds, numbers, stars, my body, what is cold and hot at the same time, invisible things, spirals, the scale of things, eggs and omelets, how to get rid of migraines, lost and found, and whatever else feeds my brain juice.

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